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Teenage Randomness
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Teenage Randomness' LiveJournal:

Monday, May 23rd, 2005
10:50 am
I love your average face
ok so i havent posted in here for a while so here goes,
nothing much new. exams are soon and im seriously screwed.
i havent done any work this semester and my isu (its like a final project) is over a week late and i still havent done it.
i really hate school sometimes.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
7:26 pm
OMFG!!! i hate this damn JUNIOR THESIS PAPER i have 2 do.....i hate english & i so hope 2 god i dont fucking fail the class cuz ill be screwed so badly, but oh well.....yea i thought i should put some shyt in here & just ramble on cuz i havnt in awhile...........plus im 2 lazy 2 finish my rough draft so ill just hand in whats done already & get credit 4 even doin a rough draft & the next week ill have the whole thingy done & completed 4 the most part i so fucking hope!!!

OMFG!!!! i am hopefully getting a fucking BOYFRIEND by the end of the school yr/beginning of summer or deff by the end of the summer once im back in connecticut 4 good 4 the damn school yr...........HELLZ Ya bitches....SENIOR yr is gonna be the shyt.........ill be getting a car & my liscence at the at the end of the summer or a lil into school.......but shyt ill be able 2 have a lot more freedom so that is all i fucking care about.

Well im deff done 4 2day..........well until next time y'all.......later days

<3 Alissa a.k.a. Gorgeous.......thats what my crush calls me

Current Mood: stressed
Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
10:24 am
Full Name- chris turton
Location-earth/milky way/ bristol
School-weston college
Do you have a Bf/Gf? If so Name/Age- yup her names niky an she`s 16
Screen Name-c-t-u-r-t-l-e
Top 5 Bands-the hives,greenday,blink182,nin,puddle of mud!!
3 Interests-drink,friends,,sk8
Why did you join- to make friends
Are you friends with me or do i know you? nope lolz!

Current Mood: Dude!!!!
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
10:41 am
spring break
hey y'all im on my Spring Break right now & ive got nothin special really goin on at all which kinda sux so i decided to leave sumthin in here.

how has every1 been???? im doin a whole lot better now that i finally was able 2 get out of Connecticut 4 a week & come down here to Wilmington, North Carolina 2 visit my Daddy & some of my old friends from last year. it is a lil chilly this weekend, but i guess by tuesday its supposed 2 be warming up a lot. sometime during the week i might be goin over 2 Carolina Beach & go lay out on Kure Beach or (as every1 down here likes 2 call the beaches) either the North End or the South End. i havnt been 2 the South End in probably a lil close 2 year & i havnt been down 2 the North End since either around X-MAS time or at the end of the school year down here in May like right b4 i left & moved back up north. lol.

yesterday i got 2 chyll w/ my girl Cassi & one of her friends came over 4 a lil 2. after he left, Cassi & I walked around the boardwalk & i kinda got a lil hyper & i was i guess some what embarrassing her by being a lil loud and well just my hyper self that i really didnt show any1 that knew me down here. lol. she bought me a donut from some donut place that was across from the arcade on the boardwalk. it was very delisous. lol. then we walked over 2 Micky-D's & she had a burger while i had chicken nuggets & we shared a large frie. yea then we went back 2 her house until i had 2 walk 2 Ma'ma Mia's (which is a restarunt(sp) pplz) cuz that was where my Dady was eating & since he was right there & i had 2 leave, i decided to just walk there so he wouldnt have to go home then come back. lol. im such a thoughtful daughter. lol.

well that is all pplz. so tell me how y'all's weekend is goin or week or w.e.


Current Mood: chipper
Friday, April 15th, 2005
10:17 pm
hmm lets see. I've hardly written in this community at all. uh its cool here and its cool people are just talking about stuff and getting it off their minds....
things are kinda sucking here but i hope that will all go away soon. anyways i havent much else to say. hope things are all good with everyone else.


Current Mood: tired
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
8:57 pm
What's that?! Who's going to the Dashboard Confessional & Starting Line concert on the 26th? Oh yeah. Me.
: D
Monday, April 4th, 2005
7:03 pm
R.I.P. Aunt Nance - April 3, 2005 - wish i knew ya better...im glad u found us b4 u left this earth

R.I.P. Baby - April 1, 2005 - u were such an awsome kitty cat...wish i had more time to spend w/ u while u were alive when i visit my daddy in North Carolina, but i couldnt...i fell inlove w/ u when i first layed my eyes on u during X-MAS break last year...now ill just have to take care of MAMA a.k.a ur mommy...im sure she misses u...im sure my girls Crystal & Fluff-A-Nutter will take care of u 4 me...love ya *Crazy*Baby

i need to find a stress free enviornment 4 my life....i need 2 get new friends that wont bring stress into my life...like i dont have enough already...lol

<3 Alissa

Current Mood: depressed
Friday, April 1st, 2005
10:07 pm
yea im home alone all weekend.....woo hoo!!!!!

can u say PARTY!!!!!!!

well ill be having sum fun at least i hope lol

so what has every1 been up to

i figure i should get something to talk about goin on in this community so here the start of some conversation lol

Current Mood: flirty
7:23 pm
first entry!
hmm ive been a member for so long and i havent even posted yet! happy april fools everyone! not that its a holiday or anything :S. anyways! ummm hi! im Del! nice to meet you hahah. i havnet much to say right now but when I do I will post again. : ) ok. goodbye for now.

Current Mood: ok
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
10:20 pm
Full Name- Vicky Issocool
Age- 15
DOB- 5/22/1989
Location- New York
School- Um...High School? Albion High School
Do you have a Bf/Gf? If so Name/Age- No
Screen Name- pinchme05
Top 5 Bands- Catch 22, Starting Line, Alkaline Trio, Streetlight Manifesto, Dashboard Confessional
3 Interests- Soccer, music, concerts
Why did you join- I liked the layout?
Are you friends with me or do i know you? not yet!
Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
11:44 am
Full Name- Chrisitna Amaral
Age- 15
DOB- july 13
Location- florida
School- Fpc
Do you have a Bf/Gf? If so Name/Age- no
Screen Name- xBabiiKiisSzx69
Top 5 Bands- the used,saves the day,green day,weezer,taking back sunday
3 Interests- shopping,beach,phone
Why did you join- because it looked interesting
Are you friends with me or do i know you? no
Monday, March 28th, 2005
3:29 pm
Full Name- Gregory Kern
Age- 17
DOB- may 15 1987
Location-Manchester, ct
School-East Catholic High School
Do you have a Bf/Gf? If so Name/Age-none at the moment
Screen Name-Gkern1312 (aim)
Top 5 Bands-I like mostly ska bands but here we go: Less Than Jake, Patent Pending, Catch 22, Red Hot Chili Peppers,Bob Marley and Streetlight Manifesto ( i know its six but damn i love music :D)
3 Interests-!!Snowboarding!! driving, chillin with my friends
Why did you join- eh beats me
Are you friends with me or do i know you?: No sorry . . . .

Current Mood: amused
3:37 am
Full Name- Stephen d McIntosh
Age- 20
DOB- 10/12 1984
Location-hell (georgia) xD
School- out school
Do you have a Bf/Gf? If so Name/Age- uh did but she was just usin me =p
Screen Name- black18dragon-aim
Top 5 Bands- erm hm...i've really got no favaroites just anything hardcore metal rock ect
3 Interests- anything i guess =p just have to get to know me >.>
Why did you join- a post askin to join
Are you friends with me or do i know you? whos me?
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
11:28 am
la de da
woo hoo....just another entry where i talk 2 myself....ooooo baby

i want to move back down south so badly, but no i have 2 wait till i graduate fucking high school & get accepted into college somewhere in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Florida

well im gonna make me another Live Journal soon so i will tell myself what it is when i finally make it

much love until we meet again

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, February 24th, 2005
7:19 am
its to f-ing early

OMFG!!!.....i have had my f-ing permit 4 a week now...woo hooo....well idk about this community cause only 3 people are members & thats just gay...oh well though.


OMGF!!!!!.....this winter vaca has been one of the best ones ive had.....well here are a few of my sites pplz should look at if u actually read my stuff.....

http://www.livejournal.com/users/psycho_beotch16/   <====main journal

http://profiles.myspace.com/users/18075621   <=====myspace & a pic of me

http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/poser_punk_chic    <====other journal


well now leave me some love if ya want in my comments about my sites.....ok i think i am done talkin 2 myself peace beotches

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
4:55 pm
hey come join _thepretty. (my pictures coming soon...:-D)
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
4:52 pm
Full Name- Naomi
Age- 15
DOB- May 13th, 1989
Location- Long Island
School- GCHS
Do you have a Bf/Gf? If so Name/Age- Just ended a relationship
Screen Name- absolutbeautyxo
Top 5 Bands- something corporate, taking back sunday, yellowcard, fiona apple, franz ferdinand
3 Interests- tennis, singing, volleyball
Why did you join- I am pretty random...
Are you friends with me or do i know you? I found this through a search...hope thats ok.
Monday, February 7th, 2005
6:39 pm
i love my guys
i finally saved a shyt load of icons so i could change mine whenever i want.....i need members....no one loves me....so sad....yet so desperate at times

i love ----,----,----,---,---,.....ill add more when i think of more...can u guess all 5 guys that i so love...how bout in the order that i put them as

Ben i need help with this damn community....im desperate...lol...no one loves me

Current Mood: im desperate
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
8:34 am

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow........SNOW FUCKIN DAY

Ben and i are the only freakin loser/dorks online...wtf

i need more friends
i really like Joey Pardi...he is so freakin SEXY...so my type of guy...<3<3<3<3<3

i know im such a loser adn a major dork....i love it though and so doesnt everyone else that knows me and loves me


Current Mood: snow
Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
2:04 pm
I guess i should fill this out 2

Full Name-Alissa Griswold
Location-Manchester/Coventry, Connecticut & Wilmington, North Carolina
School-Manchester High School
Do you have a Bf/Gf? If so Name/Age-Not at the moment
Screen Name-Jadelin May 1820, Crystalsweetz, XxMTCa18n20cjWxX
Top 5 Bands-Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Thrice, GreenDay....there is way more but those are the 1st i could think of
3 Interests-Dancing(hip hop & jazz), singing, Marine Biology
Why did you join-Because i made this community
Are you friends with me or do i know you? Of course i am friends w/ myself...lmfao

Current Mood: blah
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